Beta Scholastics

The men of the Beta Eta chapter of Beta Theta Pi recognize that academic success in college is of the utmost importance. Therefore, as an organization, we value and strive to uphold the cultivation of intellect in all of our members. This emphasis on academics has allowed us to achieve a high level of scholastic success. Our chapter is consistently in the top 3 for grades with an overall house GPA of between 3.0 to 2.8, compared to the all-male University average of 2.73.

As a young man entering college at the University of Maine, academics will undoubtedly be your primary focus. The Beta Eta chapter recognizes this, and encourages new members to achieve the highest degree of academic success possible. As an incoming pledge of the chapter, new members are expected to attend study hours, visit with their respective professors, turn in grade reports, and attain an overall GPA of 2.6 or higher.

Active members of the chapter are expected to continually uphold the cultivation of the intellect throughout all of their undergraduate careers. For those active members who continually achieve a high level of academic success, scholarships are available through the General Fraternity.

As a college undergraduate you will experience some of the most exciting and most trying times of your life. Yet, the primary goal of your college years is to receive an education while achieving the highest level of academic success possible. Through high academic achievement, the men of the Beta Eta chapter of Beta Theta Pi are prepared for successful careers after their undergraduate years.