House Layout

The capacity of the house in 2013 is 35 with an additional suite for the Alumni Line-In House advisor, bringing the total amount of people living in the house to 36. The Beta house provides plenty of room and facilities to accommodate this large capacity.

A fully functional kitchen remodeled in 2005 provides a large gas stove with six burners, grill, and two ovens. It also has a regular refrigerator, a large freezer, and a full size walk-in refrigerator. Two sinks and an industrial size dishwasher provide plenty of space to clean up along with the large amount of stainless steel counterspace.

The house includes three bathrooms, two on the first floor with one sink, toilet and shower each. The bathroom on the second floor provides three toilets, two urinals, four sinks and five showers.

There are plenty of common spaces, with a large dining room that feeds about 40-50 people, a full size living room with a brand new 70-inch flatscreen tv, and a large chapter room for meetings. Our basement has a pool table, game room, lounge room, laundry room, large storage spaces, and plenty of couches and space to relax and have fun.

With the price of dormitory living increasing, living in the Beta House provides a cheaper alternative and includes many added benefits including a kitchen open all the time, with a chef in Monday through Friday to prepare meals, plenty of common space for studying and hanging out with brothers, wi-fi throughout the house, cable in every room and in-house washers and dryers. Living in the house is an experience not to be missed as many alumni come back and remember the fun times they had in this house.