Beta Athletics

Beta Theta Pi has consistently been a powerful Greek organization when it comes to intramural sporting events. For the past 10 years Beta here at the University of Maine, we have remained within the top 5 fraternities in intramural sports. As a fraternity we compete in all aspects of athletics from football and softball, to hockey and a 5k run.

Our chapter of Beta Eta has a sufficient amount of both talented and athletic brothers who over and over again prove not only devote themselves to the cultivation of the intellect, but prove to be a dominant powerhouse in the athletic world. This year our goal was to be the best fraternity for intramural athletics. We have really stepped up this year, remaining in contention in nearly all sports, and having attendance to these events that hasnユt been seen in some years. At any given Beta intramural event you will find a full team with many other Betas on the sideline cheering on. We here at Beta truly exemplify what it means to be a team, win or lose, we carry ourselves with pride and character. There will always be strong competition in athletics, but at the end of the day we like to look at sports as a bonding experience and brotherhood enrichment where we have a fun time. Throw that chemistry with strong talent comprised of members of several state championship teams from high schools around the state and Beta gets its more than fair share of wins. So come out some evening on campus and see for yourself the athletics of Beta Theta Pi!


George "Chris" Day, Athletic Chair